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The main topic

The importance and position of forest functions within ecosystem services and their ecological and economic evaluation.

The conference is one of the outputs of the project:

"Increasing awareness and propagation of functions of forests in landscape and in-nature riverbeds in urban environment as a component of ecosystem drainage basin service"

Supported by grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

The aim of the conference

The aim of the conference is to contribute to the development of knowledge and possibilities of quantification of ecosystem production and social utilisation of forests functions. The goal of the conference is also to contribute to identification of functions of forests as an integral part and a natural base for evaluation of ecosystem services of forests. Last but not least, the conference serves as a platform for presentation of analyses of forest ecosystems as a way to evaluate the functional effects of forests.

  • Systems of evaluation of ecosystem services in general
  • Ecosystem forest services - methods of evaluation, examples and applications
  • Natural processes in forest ecosystems as their functional effects
  • Carbon-binding forest stand as a part of forest functions
  • Importance of biodiversity for production of forest functions
  • Perception of importance of forests and forestry by general public
  • Willingness to pay for ecosystem services of forests
  • Evaluation of functions and ecosystem services of forests as a part of decision making
  • Solution of conflicts of social demands on production of forest functions
  • Functions of natural vs. commercial forests
  • Indicators & economics of polyfunctional forestry
  • Importance of forests with regard to territorial and regional development

April 5 - 8

Chateau Krtiny



Organizational Information

The international scientific conference is taking place in the Chateau Křtiny near city of Brno in the Czech Republic.

No booking fees for invited participations (includes food and accommodation)

  • Participation in the conference is for invited professionals for free.
  • Accommodation is provided in chateau Křtiny in comfort double bed rooms for invited profes-sionals for free.
  • Catering is provided by chateau Křtiny in its own restaurant.
  • Transportation needs to be ordered individually by each contestant.

Conference contributions will be published either in the magazine Journal of Forest Science

Important Dates

The deadline for sending the registration form and the abstract is extended to 7th March 2016. Date of acceptance is set to 11th March 2016.
I. Circular with suggested programme January 20th 2015
Registration form and Abstracts must be sent to March 7th 2016
Notice on accepted abstracts March 11th 2016
II. Circular with programme March 21th 2016
Articles full versions to proceedings must be sent to March 25th 2016
Submission of full text for the Journal of Forest Science April 30th 2016

How to participate

To register for the conference, please fill in the form (download, format MS Word) and send it to e-mail address

Format For Paper Submissions

  • Please write your paper in this Sample paper for CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS (download, format MS Word)
  • The first page should contain: Title, Name(s), Institutional affiliation(s), Abstracts, Keywords.
  • Please, use the address to submit your full paper!

Files to downloads

Conference Partners

Conference Organizers

Organisational committee

Šárka Veselá
Kateřina Holušová
Jiří Schneider
Helena Lorencová
Vít Karber
Ivana Lampartová

Contact e-mail:

Information about project RaFa

The project aims to educate general public on the value of selected parts of basin ecosystem services. Using generally comprehensible form the result and outcomes of the project present recreational significance of near-natural and revitalised riverbeds in urban area, adding to their water management and ecosystem effect. Within the open landscape it popularises social functions of forests and forestry. The professional results of the project will be field research based country-wide overviews of
A) parts of water courses in urban areas and suburban recreation zones with significant synergistic water management, ecology and recreology effects;
B) examples of forest stand with high social and country-forming significance.

Project website

Suggested Programme

Tuesday April 5th

Check – in from 14:00
Welcome dinner

Wednesday April 6th

Registration from 9:00
Theoretical part I.
Theoretical part II.

Thursday April 7th

Theoretical part III.
Excursion First

Friday April 8th

Excursion Second
Closing and farewell words

There will be a VERNISSAGE OF THE EXHIBITION RIVERS IN THE CITIES which will take place, together with the conference, in premises of Křtiny castle and which aims to present the value and beauty of forests to general public. The exhibition is also the out-come of the RaFA project and will have a touring character. Something small from earlier can be found in the project photo gallery

The other event will be an excursion on Thursday which will show practical part of the conference topics.

Conference Location

Zamek Krtiny
Krtiny 1
679 00 Krtiny
Phone: +420 123 456 789

Vallis Baptismi – Valley of Baptism – Christening (Křtiny). This ancient name proves the importance of the traditional places where in the town Křtiny in the middle of splendid and varied nature since 1750 is a baroque temple complex, castle and park designed by Jan Blažej Santini – Aichl. On 10.200 ha of forest owned by the Mendel University in Brno, located on the northern border of city of Brno in the neighborhood of Jedovnice, Křtiny, Adamov, Bílovice nad Svitavou and Vranov u Brna, partly belonging to the Mora-vian Karst, manages since 1923 Training Forest Enterprise Masaryk Forest Křtiny, as well as Křtiny castle with park. Although church and castle are not located on the highest point in the landscape, they dominate Křtiny valley.

History of Chateau Křtiny

The building was established by with the reconstruction of the baroque residence, which the Zábrdovice monks built by the present day church in 1658. The entire complex is connected with the Czech architect of Italian origin Jan Blažej Santini - Aichl. The mon-astery experienced its greatest fame in the second half of the 18th century. Since 1920, it has been the headquarters of the Mendel University in Brno organizational part – Training Forest Enterprise Masaryk Forest Křtiny. It underwent extensive reconstruction from 1994 and total reconstruction of the interior in 2008.